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Portraiture is for me one of the most interesting genre in photography. Its amazing what one can do with human figure by only changing lighting on it. It seems that black and white is coming back, at least for certain kind of work. There is timeless features into it that makes the results very appealing.

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Arkkitehtuuri & sisustus

For me architecture photography is interesting where it shows relationship between landscape and architecture, or creates special mood or state of mind for different kind of spaces. Most photos in this folder were produced as high resolution multi image compositions. My architecture photos have been published in several magazines and books.

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Maisema ja luonto

I've done quite lot of landscape photography over the years. For me that means not just pristine natural landscape in full glory. I'm also interested in scenes that show human constructions and natural phenomens twisted together in visually meaningful ways.

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For me photographic art means performing experiments that leads to visually interesting images with the help of different photographic techniques. I am interested in exploring how photography could still offer fresh viewpoints about reality.

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Travel and landscape photographs from journeys abroad. I`m interested in presenting the essence of the moments felt in the places I`ve visited. Instead of showing ultra glamorous pictures of pure natural landscapes, I`ve tried to include more realistic style and human made elements to my travel images.

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Tuote- ja esinevalokuvaus

Commercial product photography and still life experiments.